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June 2018

How do I TERA?!

By Darrastus GM - Posted Sep 25, 16

Help, I'm new/returning to TERA and just hit level 65. What do I do?!

Have no fear, fellow player. This list of links and guides will help you understand what TERA is all about.

There will be a lot of reading involved. If you don't like to read or would prefer explanations while performing the content in-game, feel free to join our Discord server. Add me as a friend Darrastus#5123 and I'll be glad to invite you to the guild server. Don't have Discord? Click here to download it or click here to access it from a browser.

Q: I have no idea what I'm doing in this game at all.

Browse through the new TERA information hub, It has guides on everything TERA-related. :) For new/returning players, this guide is godsend:

Q: How do I get better gear aside from this Idoneal armor I received when hitting level 65?

Go to Highwatch. You should have a red story quest called "Ominous News." Speak to Dougal/Seir and he'll give a quick rundown of the problems in Island of Dawn. Finish the quest and he'll give you a Teleport Scroll to Island of Dawn/North Dock. Go to Island of Dawn, where you should complete a quest called "Desolate Garden." It'll ask you to kill many types of BAMs and you'll receive Dreadnaught gear at the end. If you need help finishing the quest, ask a guild member and we'll be glad to help :)

For the Dreadnaught weapon, you need to finish the story quest "Memories Lost," whose starting NPC is in Highwatch. This story quest can only be completed alone/solo. Follow the directions in the story quest, and you'll have enchanting materials and a Dreadnaught weapon as your rewards.

Q: I already have Dreadnaught +12. How do I get better gear?

Run Demokron Factory Normal Mode for the Slaughter smartboxes, or do your Island of Dawn BAM dailies to gain tokens which can be exchanged for Slaughter gear. Again, you can always ask a guild member for help in running dungeons :)

For an overview on gear progression, check out:

Q: How do I enchant my gear to +9 or to +12? What is Awakening? How do I masterwork my gear? What do I need to enchant?

All of these questions can be answered in

Q: How do I get better at my class? I keep dying to things.

For class guides and rotations, as well as crystal setups:

For dungeon guides and learning mechanics:

Yosha also has dungeon guides on the side here:

Want to see dungeon runs in action? Feel free to check out Yosha's Youtube channel and your own guild master's Youtube channel.

Q: What are glyphs? How do I get better glyphs? What is an optimal glyph setup (instead of using Recommended setting)?

See the above question. To obtain better glyphs, run Sabex Armory and/or Macellarius Catacombs for the basic glyph crates. For the rare glyphs, you can obtain them from Tyrantsblood Tokens (glyph crates) and Shadecore/Shadetop tokens from running dungeons and completing Island of Dawn BAM dailies.

Q: Help, I have problems with FPS in TERA. I can't see certain boss attacks.

Read this de-facto optimization guide:

Q: What are basic tips I should know as a player?

Never spacebar chain. Spacebar chaining prevents you from learning your class to your full potential, as well as preventing smooth rotations and on-the-fly adjustments due to boss mechanics. Don't learn your class through spacebar chains: try your best to learn it with all hotkeys.

Before running level 65 dungeons, have all your possible glyphs (excluding the blue/Rare glyphs, they will take some more time to farm as a newer player.) For healers (priests/mystics), this means making sure you have your 120 stamina ressurection glyph and for Priests in particular, make sure you have MP Infusion glyph on your Restorative Burst.

Have Complete Crystalbinds (CCB) on you. This is a basic, always-used item that prevents crystals from breaking upon death for 12 hours of in-game time. If you're a new player, you will most likely be dying a lot learning the mechanics of TERA, so make sure to buy some or ask the guild for some.

Use the proper crystal setup and ALWAYS WEAR CRYSTALS, vyrsks included. If you're a new player, Cruxes are fine, but make sure they are still the same type of crystal (i.e. Fine Savage Crux as opposed to a Fine Savage Niveot.) You are free to ask the guild for help in acquiring vyrsks or niveots as they can be quite expensive from the Broker or from the Vanguard Crystal Merchant.

Understand the basic consumables required of you. For DPS and tanks, this will be Crit Power Scroll VII and Extensive Battle Nostrum; for healers, this will be Attack Speed Scroll VII and Extensive Battle Nostrum. Always make sure to use Greater Power/Enduring/Infused charms, and to charm up before every boss fight! *This will be streamlined into one conusumable in a future patch, but using consumables regularly is a good habit to develop.

Always carry Arunic Panaceas and Scrolls of Rapid Resurrection. If you die and your healer doesn't have 120 stamina glyph or you received a noob res, make sure to have panaceas to refill your stamina. Scrolls of Rapid Resurrection should be reserved for when a healer dies and no other healer is around to res them. *Stamina will be removed in a future patch; however, it is still currently necessary to know how the stamina system works.

Know your basic MMORPG lingo. This includes acronyms such as "WTB" (want to buy/willing to buy) or "aggro" (aggression/threat that means a mob is focusing on said player with most aggro.) Here's a few websites if you have never played MMOs before: click me! click me too!

Remember, if you need any help at all regarding TERA, feel free to ask the guild! We're here for you, and we'd like nothing more than for you to enjoy the game to its fullest potential.

This post will be updated with more questions over time as they occur.

Thanks for reading, and happy hunting!

At your service,


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