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This is a list of Guild Officers and their accounts. On the left is their given name or what they prefer to be called. In parentheses are their characters starting with their main followed by alts.

For any questions regarding the guild, feel free to contact any one of us in-game via parcel post or by leaving a message in the website's shoutbox.

Guild Master

Darra/Fran (Darrastus, alts: Dirranos, Devylos, Tyrle, Vyrin, Kigari, Kiragi, Exariel)


Juniper (Oh.My.Glob, alts: Naedelyn, Jor.Dana and Cris.P.Bacon)


Geemu (Caulia, alts: Kaulia, Vibri, Gemu, Geemu, Geeemu)

Asth (Nara, alts: Lamps)

Ral (Ralliant, alts: Arachny, Qwasaer, Albiom, Kraiator)

Kai (Kai.Kurokami, alts: Shiro.Nitoryu, Yuki.No.Hanaa)

Kicco (Kicco, alts: Tiara)

Shiro (Jiyong)

Sym (Symaen, alts: Muryoku)

If you'd like to contact the Guild Master personally, please fill out the message form below or visit her profile to message her privately via Enjin.
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